Breaking 80 Golf- SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder Reviews

Breaking 80 Golf- SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder Reviews

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Long Range Performance The Breaking 80 Golf-SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder uses the third generation Pin Sensor technology that reads up to 250 yards without any enhancement. And it also gives you up to 6x magnification and a 24mm objective.  Because Golf is more than just blindly aiming for the pin the Breaking 80 Golf-SS500 Rangefinder is equipped with IntelliScan Technology. Simply set to Scan Mode and you get to easily pick up the distance to a tree, bunker fairway edge and back of the green very fast.

Almost too Easy to work with If you have used a classic model of any Golf Rangefinder you will know that you have tweak the settings all the time and you have to have extensive knowledge of exactly what you are doing and the golf course itself which made it almost impossible to enjoy the game properly. With the Breaking 80 Golf-SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder, you would not face such problems the settings are easy to understand and very easy to setup. It will work on any golf course in the world and it does not require you to go through pages and pages of an instruction manual.

Choose your own Colors The Breaking 80 Golf-SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder comes in the variety of colors like black, orange, red and white. Choose what color suits you best and carry it with pride in the course. It also comes with a free carrying case with a belt loop and a 3-volt CR2 battery with the compact design which is very easy to handle.

Original Dual mode The Breaking 80 Golf-SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder has the Dual mode which allows you to use both First priority and Second Priority mode. First priority which reads the first object in its line of view and ignores further objects and second priority ignores the first object and sees past it to a more distant object the unit is.

Best LCD display The newest edition to The Breaking 80 Golf-SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder model is the LCD display that uses the Intelliscan technology to provide you with the best and clearest display on the rangefinder. It is easy to read even for the elderly and does not interfere with your eye gear. And the Optics is designed to be multi-layered giving you more clear and bright images.

Best for your money The Breaking 80 Golf-SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder has the reputation of having the always updated product in the market and this rangefinder is no different. Does not matter if you want an unmarked sprinkler head or if you are frustrated by your current GPS device which is giving you inaccurate readings, The Breaking 80 Golf-SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder is an answer to your problems. This lightweight and a compactly designed product will serve your needs on the golf course without giving you any hassle.

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Designed with first priority target The Breaking 80 Golf-SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder can give you accurate readings through third generation technology of advanced Pin sensor which provides priority to your first target up to 250 yards (+/-1 yards). The Intelliscan technology based LCD display is easy to read and very clear. The Optics is multi-layered resulting in clear and bright images. You can use The Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder for measurement that can be continuous or a single use of up to 8 seconds. Also, The Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder is completely allowed to use in tournaments.

Based on customer feedback The Breaking 80 Golf-SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder offers this newly designed golf rangefinder with an improved battery compartment, more-durable-eyepiece construction, and better lens protection. The Breaking 80 lets you step up your game with on-demand distance information to anything on the course leaving no need for guessing. This allows you to choose the perfect club you want to use to make the shot. Statistics shows over 11,000 satisfied Breaking 80 customers and if you are not one of them they provide a 60-day money back guarantee simply return the product for a full refund, no questions asked. The Breaking 80 also comes with the industry’s only Lifetime Replacement plan with affordable benefits meaning you will never have to worry.


The features are limited compared to the elite end range finder. Most Notable of which is there is no proper adjustment of the slope. Also, it is not designed for the extremely long distance target. And it is reported that the battery life is questionable in some instances even after using a good brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can the Slope technology be turned off when playing in Tournaments?

Answer: You can turn the slope feature off only to have The Breaking 80 Golf-SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder display the distance.

Question: Does it measure in meters?

Answer: You can tweak the settings to your liking to measures in meters or in yards.

Question: Does anyone have problems with the contrast readings being to light to read?

Answer: You can adjust the brightness settings to suit your needs on the LCD display.

Question: Can you see the actual + or – up or down yardage?

Answer: Yes you can see an angle, the actual and calculated distance through The Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder.

Question: Can it pick up Bunkers or tree?

Answer: Yes you can see bunker lip to hanging branches like all the time through The Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder.

Question: Is the Battery rechargeable?

Answer: No

Product Features:

  • Pin Sensor Mode; designed with first target priority to allow you to quickly detect the flag
  • Slope Compensation Data
  • Third generation Pin Sensor Technology
  • Eight Second continuous Scan mode
  • 6x magnification
  • Flag up to 24mm objective
  • Small and easy to hold
  • Water Resistant
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Legal for Tournament use


The Breaking 80 Golf-SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder has the unique feature of compensation for the slope allowing you to set up your shot perfectly from choosing the right club to the exact distance you need to hit. And giving you the perfect experience of using a grade A rangefinder to exclusive to every tee shot your make. The Slope Compensation feature is also adjustable with different settings that mean you have full control. There are a lot of reviews pointing to the fact that in this price range Breaking 80 is an extremely efficient and quality Golf Rangefinder. It does not present you the hassle of setting up extremely complicated settings and specification to get the proper result.

The Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder is known for being conclusively the best in the price range. Fully equipped with features like target distance measurement and third generation high-end rangefinder, it will fulfill your needs while being easy to afford. The overall rating of the product is positive and it does come with a very easy to read the manual. This product is perfect if you want a low-cost highly efficient rangefinder.

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