Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder Reviews

Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder

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The Little Tool that packs a Powerful Punch The Nikon COOLSHOT 40i  Golf Laser Rangefinder is the lightest rangefinder in the world weighing in about 125 grams for the simplicity of use. This LRF literally fits in your palm but do not let its size fool you because this compact and lightweight deliver world-class performance.

With the speed, precision, and optical quality of the COOLSHOT 40i, this rangefinder can help you develop:

  • Club distance proficiency on the driving range
  • Game management skills on the golf course.
  • Ability to isolate the tee from the foliage

30 days Risk-Free Trial Nikon provides a 30 days full refund trial period with the purchase of a Nikon Coolshot 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder. Along with a two years warranty on the product you can try this product for 30 days and if it does not meet its claimed standards you can return it and get all of your money back (this obviously excludes any physical damage).

Large adjustable viewfinder Despite the small size of product the monocular design of Coolshot 20 has a big viewfinder for easy viewing and targeting. The 16.7mm viewfinder is designed for long eye relief and affords eyeglass wearers easy viewing.

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The new Nikon Coolshot 40i laser rangefinder is compact, lightweight and available at a very impressive price point. During testing, it picked up flags with trees behind without any issues. The eight-second continuous measurement option works particularly well when trying to find yardages on cold and/or windy days. The size and weight are useful for those using lightweight carry bags. Like its big brothers, the Coolshot 40i  offers plenty of grips and feels comfortable in the hand. Relieving you from extra hassle, proper use of this device can reduce your reliance on GPS to mark up your shots. It does not require you to go through over complicated data like slope and thousand yard distances to effectively use the rangefinder.


Some golfers will prefer the feel of a larger laser in the hand for added stability. It doesn’t have the added extras of the more expensive Nikon lasers, such as slope measurement.


  • Measurement range: 5-500m/6-550 yards
  • Easy Operation enables measurement of actual distance
  • Target priority Switch System for measuring overlapping subjects
  • Compact, lightweight (approx. 125g) and ergonomic design
  • First Target Priority for measuring the distance to the closest subject
  • 8-second continuous measurement allowing for slight hand movement
  • Distance measurement display step is 1m/yd.
  • High-quality 6x monocular with multilayer coating for bright, clear images
  • Long eye relief design affords eyeglass wearers easy viewing
  • Dioptre adjustment function
  • Rainproof — JIS/IEC protection class 4 (IPX4) equivalent (under our testing conditions)
  • Wide temperature tolerance: -10°C to +50°C
  • Large ocular for easy viewing
  • Wide field of view (7.5 Degrees)

Frequently asked Questions:

Question: My Cool shot did not come with instructions. What do I need to do?

Answer: To be honest it does not require any instructions just look through the view finder and press the button as you put the x on the flag (or another spot).

Question: What’s the difference between US version and the ordinary one?

Answer: It has been titled so for shipping purposes basically all the versions are same.

Question: Can it measure distance in range practice the length of the flight and landing of the ball?

Answer: Yes. It can measure the distance to about anything you point it at.

Question: Is it easy to read? For older people I mean.

Answer: It’s pretty easy to read yes. Everyone should be ok with it especially with the large viewfinder.

Final Verdict:

The Nikon COOLSHOT 40i  Golf Laser Rangefinder is a whole lot of laser at a very competitive price. A special mention goes to those who haven’t invested in a laser before but are thinking about a purchase, this could be a great choice. It is extremely easy to use and fits snugly in a small pocket in the bag. The First Target mode helps to ensure you pick up the flag stick rather than anything behind the green, particularly useful if you aren’t used to a laser. It doesn’t have the added features of other devices on the market, but given the price, it is a very impressive offering that is neat and compact.

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